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Watching TV at Home


Be seen in over 800 Networks & Apps

Our network and publisher roster includes ABC TV, AMS News, CBS News Live, Fox Network Groups, USA Today, Vox Media, Warner Media, and many more.

With CTV, you can reach your target audience through video-on-demand services based on location and demographic.

It allows precision reach, data-driven outcomes, and increased interactivity which will strengthen your existing campaign marketing efforts while creating stronger and more frequent touchpoints with your intended voters.

Why CTV?

  • 40% of US TV Households are only reachable via CTV

  • 80% of US TV Households have at least 1 or more CTV devices in the household

  • Total hours spent on CTV devices up 81% YoY

  • By 2026, 55.8% of US internet users will be watching AVOD streaming services

Client A

Pre-Campaign (10/1 - 10/9):

New registrations: 1,227
Avg Daily Registrations: 136

Case Study

Campaign Period: 10/10-10/21

Increase: +600%
Post-click conversion: 63%
% of Goal reached: 69%

• BB Clicks in 11 days: 15,701
• New Registrations: 11,503
• Est. BB Driven Reg: 9,871
• Avg Daily Registrations: 958

Ready to extend your reach?

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