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Our Digital Ads service offers you a comprehensive approach to political campaigning. We offer ads for social media, search engine marketing, display banners, standard video, and out of home media. Our team of experts will craft a tailor-made digital ad campaign to get your message out to the right people.

Display Banners.png

Display Banners

Pricing: dCPM



  • Compatibility: across all devices (desktop, mobile, tablet)

  • Simplicity: a standard HTML5 or image file that is easy to develop and convey a brand’s message and leads to a conversion with our AI targeting.

Standard Video

The unit displays pre, mid, or post-video content that users have chosen to watch. Pay on the impression of the video unit.



  • Massive scale​

  • Cross-screen Ad Format​

  • Leverage 1st & 3rd party targeting data​

  • Qualified audiences​

  • Instream, Outstream, ​

  • Pre, Mid, Post Roll

Standard Video.png
Native Ad Units.png

Native Ad Units

Native media integrates your content ads directly into the publisher’s natural content experience to capture consumer attention.

Pricing: dCPM


  • Placements match the look, feel and function of other
    site content​

  • Surrounded by contextually relevant content​

  • Optimized to drive brand awareness and reach

Instagram Video and Display

You can place ads on Instagram, accessing one of the largest mobile ad platforms, with a community of more than 400M users.



  • Use the power of sight and sound in an immersive environment.  Videos automatically start playing when the entire unit is in view on the screen, with a view counted after 3 seconds.  Users tap to enable audio.

  • Utilize image assets and accompanying text to convey your brand’s message to consumers.  It’s a clean and simple way to get in front of users that matter most.

Instagram Video and Display.png


Reach your target audience and drive results with the large audience base. TikTok ads are mobile-friendly, highly shareable, and can educate audiences about your brand.

Pricing: CPM


  • Appear in-feed, details page, recommended feed, post-video, etc.

  • Targeting Option: Interests, Behaviors, Demographics, Location, Custom Audience, & Look-Alikes

  • Ideal for mass awareness and consideration given its most trending entertainment video platform 

Search Engine Marketing

Ensure that your message is front and center for individuals conducting searches for directly relevant keywords



  • Reach in-market audiences by targeting ads on Google to lower funnel users who are searching for keywords relevant to your brand

  • Pay only for clicks, not impressions

  • Dynamic pricing ensures you only pay what the market demands for clicks

  • Benchmark: CPC $2-$4


Sample keywords: SOS, Outdoor Adventurer, Satellite Communicator, Remote, Tracking, Safety, GPS

Search Engine Marketing.png
Digital Out of Home.png

Digital Out of Home

Digital out-of-home (DOOH) refers to dynamic media distributed across place-based networks that reaches consumers while they are outside their homes.

Pricing: CPM


  • Multiple ad formats – static, audio, video

  • Serve media within bulletin, road signs, street furniture, and mall posters

  • Daypart targeting – select high-traffic locations around specific times of the day

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