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The Best Way to Fundraise Digitally

Digital strategy can be an important tool in a campaign’s arsenal and has the power to swing an election if you are able to utilize it correctly. Investing in your digital campaign is a continuous cycle of attraction, nurturing, and engaging your audience.

Remember that raising money isn’t the only success metric. Investing in digital is a long-term investment, and measuring success encompasses the financial returns, increased campaign awareness, and mobilization efficacy.

But, if we were to mainly focus on the donation amounts, the best strategy is through email solicitations.

Averages for Political Campaigns

In general, email campaigns follow 5 Fundamental Principles:

  1. Email is powerful if you do it right.

  2. Subscribers are in control.

  3. If you don’t have permission to email them, don’t do it.

  4. Deliverability doesn’t have any shortcuts. Create great content.

  5. Don’t spam! Create a content calendar to determine cadence.

Most digital campaign donations are made through direct email asks to warm subscribers. Starting your email campaign is straightforward, and it can easily be integrated seamlessly into your call time and field programs. (our experts can elaborate on this more)

Email campaigns are beyond simply writing content and sending it to your audience. Experienced email marketers are knowledgeable about anti-spam rules, audience segmentation, and customized journeys.

If you want to launch your next email marketing campaign for your race, get in touch and speak to our experts today.


About Sole Strategies:

Sole strategies is a woman and minority–owned organization built by a team of political experts who specialize in strengthening grassroots campaigns at the community level. Running a race is tough on a shoestring budget– but we’re here to make that possible. You shouldn’t have to pay an arm and a leg for consultants who tell you how to do the work they themselves have never done. Here at sole strategies, we know that words of guidance are empty if they’re not backed by real support and tangible results


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